August 1996; amended November 1996, April 2004, February/March 2014


The ARLIS/NA Canada Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) represents the interests of Canadian art information professionals by serving as their national association. The Chapter’s goals are:

  1. To foster communication among art and architecture librarians and archivists, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, and other art information professionals across Canada;
  2. To encourage and increase the effectiveness of the membership in providing art information services;
  3. To develop, promote, and coordinate art information and visual resources collections and services throughout the country;
  4. To encourage and sponsor research and publication on Canadian art, architecture and related topics in the arts;
  5. To support continuing education programmes and activities for the membership;
  6. To represent Canadian art information professionals within ARLIS/NA, and to bring Canadian perspectives to its deliberations and policy and decision making;
  7. To conduct business on behalf of its membership without purpose of financial gain, and to ensure that any profits or gifts to the Chapter shall be used in promoting its goals.

Article I. Name.

  1. The organization is a national chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America (hereafter referred to as ARLIS/NA).
  2. The name of the organization is ARLIS/NA Canada (hereafter referred to as the Chapter).

Article II. Office and Administration.

The office and administration of the Chapter shall reside with the Secretary of the Chapter.

Article III. Membership.

  1. Eligibility.
  • 1.A. Membership is open to all Canadian members of the ARLIS/NA and all other interested ARLIS/NA members.
  1. Dues.
  • 2.A. Dues may be proposed by the Executive Committee of the Chapter and ratified by member vote.
  • 2.B. Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Chapter.
  1. Privileges.
  • 3.A. Only members of the Chapter may serve on Chapter committees, vote on Chapter issues and hold executive office in the Chapter.

Article IV. Officers.

  1. The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall be composed of the current Canadian Member-at-Large of ARLIS/NA; the past chair of ARLIS/NA Ontario or a member appointed by the executive of ARLIS/NA Ontario; the past chair of the Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec chapter of ARLIS/NA (hereafter referred to as ARLIS/NA MOQ) or a member appointed by the executive of ARLIS/NA MOQ; the past Canadian chair of the Northwest Chapter of ARLIS/NA (hereafter referred to as ARLIS/NA Northwest) or a Canadian member appointed by the executive of ARLIS/NA Northwest; a regional representative from Atlantic Canada; and a regional representative from the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan or Manitoba.
  • 1.A. Chair. The Chair of ARLIS/NA Canada shall be the current elected Canadian Member-at-Large to the Executive Board of ARLIS/NA.
  • 1.B. The Regional Representatives from Atlantic Canada and the Prairies shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair.
  • 1.C. Secretary and Treasurer (2 officers). The offices of Secretary and Treasurer shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair from the membership of the Executive Committee of the Chapter for a two-year term.

Article V. Terms of Office.

  1. Chair. The term of office of the Chair of ARLIS/NA Canada shall be two years, concurrent with holding the office of Canadian Member-at-Large to the Executive Board of ARLIS/NA. The term will be based on the ARLIS/NA annual conference year.
  2. Other members of the Executive Committee normally serve a term of one year. Terms are renewable at the discretion of the Executive Committee and the respective chapter executive officers. The term will be based on the calendar year.

Article VI. Duties of Officers.

To facilitate and generate effective communications between the Executive Committee and the membership, and among members.

  1. Chair.
  • 1.A. The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Chapter and its representative on official business.
  • 1.B. The Chair shall be a member ex-officio of all special project committees of the Chapter.
  • 1.C. The Chair shall prepare the annual report for ARLIS/NA and other reports as required.
  • 1.D. The Chair shall submit the Executive Committee’s recommendations for special projects for the approval of the membership.
  1. Secretary.
  • 2.A. The Secretary shall keep minutes of Chapter and Executive Committee meetings and perform other duties inherent in the office.
  1. Treasurer.
  • 3.A. The Treasurer shall maintain financial records.
  • 3.B. The Treasurer shall receive Chapter membership dues, and keep and update records of Chapter membership.

Article VII. Meetings

  1. The Chapter shall meet at least once a year, usually at the ARLIS/NA annual conference and/or at one of the ARLIS/NA MOQ, ARLIS/NA Ontario or ARLIS/NA Northwest Chapter meetings.
  2. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year, usually in conjunction with the ARLIS/NA annual conference or a chapter meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee may convene special business meetings as necessary.

Article VIII. Committees

  1. The Chair shall appoint the Melva J. Dwyer Award Committee each year to oversee nominations and selection of a recipient, before each ARLIS/NA annual conference. This committee shall consist of three people chosen from the Chapter membership.
  2. The Chair shall establish special committees as needed, subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Chapter members may also petition the Executive Committee to appoint committees for projects or other purposes related to Chapter activities.
  3. Each committee shall report its activities in writing to the Executive Committee and the membership once a year, or more frequently if the Executive Committee so requires.
  4. No committee shall incur expenses on behalf of the Chapter without the Executive Committee’s authorization.

Article IX. Reports and Correspondence

  1. The Chair shall prepare an annual report of Chapter activities after receiving written reports from all officers and committees. This report must be submitted to ARLIS/NA Headquarters by the date posted on the ARLIS/NA web site each year. The report should also be distributed to the membership in French and English versions.
  2. The Chair shall submit regular reports on Chapter meetings and activities to Carlis-L, the ARLIS/NA Chapters Liaison, ARLIS/NA Headquarters, the Communications & Publications Committee for ARLIS/NA web site publications as is necessary.
  3. All official reports and correspondence with Chapter members shall be in French and English.

Article X. Publications

  1. The Chapter shall maintain the Carlis-L Internet listserv for communication with Canadian members and other interested individuals. This electronic discussion list is for the posting of Chapter news and announcements, the discussion of professional concerns and Chapter business and the dissemination of art information.

Article XI. Affiliation

  1. The Executive Committee shall seek affiliations with other Canadian organizations in consultation with the ARLIS/NA Executive Board.
  2. The Chapter may hold institutional membership in other organizations, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Chair may act as liaison with other organizations or appoint other Chapter members to so do.

Article XII. Amendments

  1. Proposed amendments to the by-laws may be submitted to the Executive Committee in writing by Chapter members.
  2. Amendments shall be passed by a majority vote by Chapter members and require the approval of the ARLIS/NA Executive Board.
  3. The by-laws shall be reviewed at least every five years or more frequently at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Article XIII. Archives

The Secretary is responsible for preservation of all materials of possible archival value. All such materials, including official correspondence and reports, will be deposited in the archives of ARLIS/NA according to the Society’s Archives Guidelines.

Article XIV. Dissolution

  1. The dissolution of this Chapter shall follow ARLIS/NA guidelines.